Recreation Clubs are a throw back to the colonial days and in modern times have become more connected to sport clubs. They offer dining functions, gyms and sports facilities. Many become a home away from home particularly in summer.

In general there are long waiting lists to join the more popular clubs but many company’s have debentures. Monthly fees apply but often the dining is subsidised and the camaraderie certainly makes them lively places to spend time if you are a member or a guest.

Aberdeen Marina Club
Tel 2555 8321

American Club
Town Club  Central
Country Club – Tai Tam
Tel: 2842 7400

Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club
Clearwater Bay
Tel: 2335 3700

Discovery Bay Residents Club
Discovery Bay
Tel: 2987 6233

Foreign Correspondents Club
Tel: 2521 1511

Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club
Tuen Mun
Tel: 2404 2222

Hong Kong Cricket Club
Wong Nai Chung Gap Road
Tel: 3511 8668

Hong Kong Country Club
Deep Water Bay
Tel: 2552 4165

Hong Kong Football Club
Happy Valley
Tel: 2830 9500

Hong Kong Jockey Club
Happy Valley
Tel: 2966 8345

Kowloon Cricket Club
Tel: 3473 7000

Ladies Recreation Club
Tel: 3199 3500

Pacific Club
Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 2118 1802

United Services Recreation Club
1 Gascoigne Road, King’s Park, Kowloon
Tel: 3966 8600
Fax: 2724 0949
Email: [email protected]