Rental Furniture

Part of the pleasure in our job is seeing you move in and take up residence in a home you create with your own personality – that is no longer a flat without character  it takes time to settle but to get you started we recommend Rental Furniture so you can start to use your building facilities, get to know the staff and area and feel at home even if your own possessions have not yet arrived.

We partner extensively with the team at Home Essentials
Address: 33 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2870 1400

SHORT TERM RENTAL Furniture is the key to a swift settling in, lets you move into your new home and get the children settled into a routine. Ask us for the latest price guides for rental furniture, linens, kitchen packs to help you move in and get moving.

Home essentials also has a design service and you can speak to an interior designer who will personalize your home.
Generally speaking most Hong Kong apartments are let to the market unfurnished. Major electrical appliances are naturally included, but each property can differ as to their size, extent, and condition.

If a landlord does agree to provide furniture, it is more than likely to cost a premium on the monthly rental. Often our clients find it more cost effective to hire furniture from a 3rd party supplier. Leasing furniture long term means you get the piece which suit specific tastes.

Speak to Chris Exline, drop by and meet him and the team at Home Essentials for short term hire or long term leasing.