Locations brand is known and respected. Our team provides highly responsive real estate services to clients.

We draw on our agents’ collective experiences in Hong Kong and abroad to deliver the right solution with professional guidance throughout a client’s housing process.

Our agents have up-to-date listings, state of the art information technology, training and support, and a wealth of knowledge to share.

We are passionate about people, client focused, and deliver housing and relocation with integrity and at the highest industry standards.

Locations is not just a Real Estate Agency in Hong Kong but a trusted resource for our clients.

Our listings include superior apartments and homes on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories, Lantau and Clearwater Bay and Saikung.

As expats ourselves, we understand the complexities of Relocation with or without families. Getting you off to a great start is our mission – connecting dots is our business.

We know that consideration needs to be given to schools, neighborhoods, sports activities and transport options before even considering home search. This is our area of expertise and we fit all the pieces of your personal jigsaw together so that you can relocate knowing your lifestyle can be replicated in your new environment.

We have resources to assist with all your home finding and relocation needs – even pet relocation. We can help with joining clubs, making friends but on the ground we also get you set up in your new home.

Let us connect the dots in your next move.

  • Home finding and negotiation
  • Moving In
  • Rental Furnishing
  • Utilities set up
  • Telecommunications and Internet
  • Curtains and light fittings
  • Contract decoration
  • Wardrobes and custom storage
  • Club memberships
  • School appointments and interviews
  • Sporting memberships
  • Children’s activities
  • School Buses and easy transportation
  • Maids and Drivers
  • Meet the neighbors and make new friends

Our Team

Meet the Locations Team ….When you seek a real estate agent you are really looking for yourself! You need that TRUSTED someone who can get into your head, understand your requirements, see your needs from your own perspective and yet has the knowledge and experience to turn your dreams into reality in a new location.