Wendy Maize


Wendy’s Real Estate experience extends back over some very interesting times in Hong Kong’s property development era. As a very senior and vitally connected realtor, Wendy can lay claim to having been an initiator in the industry and her knowledge of Hong Kong is profound. A native of sunny California, Wendy and her family are fixtures in Hong Kong’s sporting and athletic circles and keen rugby followers of the Hong Kong 7’s team.

Living in the rural nature zone of Saikung is a recharge station for Wendy as her main area of focus is Hong Kong Island and she is a great resource for all the team at Locations. With so many years in the industry Wendy leaves no stone unturned when it comes to seeking out the right property for her clients and her vast repertoire of unusual listings makes a call with her well worth the time.

Not limited to real estate work, Wendy is active in charity work and volunteers in ‘fun learning’ for the HK Society for the Protection of Children.