Lifestyle Choice for the Family

For anyone looking to escape the city, the New Territories of Hong Kong offers a wide lifestyle choice and exceptional value. Our staff are particularly familiar with the NT as several live there and have made their homes over many years in the area. Taipo and Northern area offers new builds and neighborhoods that are community based along with fabulous Village Housing options. Seaside developments such as the Graces, Providence Bay, The Beverly Hills and Taipo Road offer security along with luxe contemporary living with views and fabulous facilities.

Hong Lok Yuen is a respite for many and the chance to let children loose in the streets rarely found in Hong Kong and treasured by the varied expatriate residents who make this enclave their home away from home.

Saikung and Clearwater Bay, all offer new and traditional options and Clearwater Bay is particularly popular with new schools opening in the Kowloon area and only a 20 minute commute to the city. This area offers water views, and all the trappings of the South Side lifestyle at a fraction of the cost. The Riviera of Hong Kong in Silverstrand remains the premier housing area of the NT.

Schools include Nord Anglia, Kellet, Clearwater Bay (ESF Primary) HK Academy, Japanese International, Renaissance, Hong Lok Yuen Primary School, International College of HK, and there are campuses planned in the future for many prestigious schools – the NT should not be overlooked if you seek lifestyle options that you are used to including outdoor living and sports activies for children.

Saikung Market town has a lively bar scene as does Taipo. Saikung suffers from congested traffic but the atmosphere makes it worth the delay and weekend al fresco dining is ever popular with locals and visitors.

The Gold Coast is an option on the Western side of the NT and Harrow School has a popular campus in this area.
Transport to and from the NT continues to improve and owning a car is something many expatriates enjoy.